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The Life and Work of Countess Markievicz

When it comes to Irish history, there is often talk of the men who fought for independence, who created modern Ireland, and who shaped the progress of the country to make it what it is today. However, there were plenty of women working towards the same goals too. Many of them helped plan military operations, […]

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The Magdalene Laundries; Ireland’s Dark Past

Ireland is usually portrayed to visitors as the land of saints and scholars, full of emerald green hills, welcoming locals, cosy pubs and stunning scenery. Like every other country in the world however, it’s not entirely happy go lucky. In many ways Ireland has a bleak history; and one of those dark moments involves the institutions […]

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Custom Wedding Rings: See How It’s Done

At Claddagh Design there are two things we’re especially passionate about; beautiful jewellery, and the beautiful moments they help create for our clients. There’s no better feeling than sending off a one-of-a-kind piece that we’ve designed with the person who’ll be giving/wearing it… except maybe seeing their reaction when they open the box! (more…)

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The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea

Every now and then we get the chance to support some really exciting projects.  We are delighted to be associated through sponsorship with this amazing new film ‘The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea’ This stunning film was shot entirely in Co. Kerry so of course it looks amazing! Here is the trailer so you can […]

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All about Imbolc

Imbolc, or Imbolg, is one of the lesser known festivals of the ancient Celts, but it was one of the four most important festivals in the Celtic calendar. For this ancient society, the year revolved around two main points; on the one hand, since the Celts were an agricultural society, everything was based around the […]

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Silver Personalised Ogham Pendant

Sterling silver Ogham design pendant and chain. We will engrave any message you would like in Ogham: a name, phrase or term of endearment. The pendant pictured is engraved with the Irish word for love – ‘grá’.  Just type your message when you have added it to your cart. Ogham is an ancient Celtic script which was […]

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Silver Claddagh Earrings

Sterling silver Claddagh design drop earrings. The Claddagh is made up of two hands representing friendship, a heart representing love and a crown representing loyalty. The Claddagh is one of the most recognised symbols of Irish jewelry and dates back to the 17th century. These earrings were handmade by an Irish silversmith and like all our […]

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