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Great Irish Writers

  Many would say that Ireland’s finest export is Guinness, but they’re not entirely correct. If there is one aspect of Irish culture that has made a significant impact both around the world and on our own shores, it is without a doubt the many Irish writers who have achieved worldwide acclaim for their words. […]

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Richard Joyce; the Man behind the Claddagh Ring

Our Signature Contemporary Claddagh Ring Design based on the original Richard Joyce’s Design   We’ve already written about where the Claddagh ring comes from and its transformation from an identifying symbol for the fishermen of Claddagh to a worldwide symbol of Irishness, friendship and love. But what about the man who designed and made it? Here […]

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The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is an ancient and natural phenomenon, and one of the most beautiful places in all of Ireland. It has been in the international spotlight for the last few years as the driving force of tourism in Northern Ireland, along with the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. If you’ve ever visited the Causeway, it’s […]

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The Great Irish Famine

To look at Ireland in the present day, it’s difficult to believe that there was once a time when almost its entire population suffered from poverty, starvation, mass emigration and disease, in much the same way that some third world countries suffer today. Believe it or not, this was once the stark reality that many […]

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The Story of Fionn MacCumhaill

Claddagh Design – Handcrafted Pieces Inspired by the Past Irish mythology is extensive and complex, full of stories of ancient gods, malicious creatures, and superhuman warriors. One name that pops up more than any other however, is Fionn MacCumhaill (or Finn MacCool to give the anglicised version). Fionn was arguably the greatest hunter warrior in […]

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Jewellery Customs Around The World

For most of us nowadays, wearing jewellery is usually about style and fashion. We wear necklaces, rings and watches because they express our personality, because they look nice, and because they make an outfit blend together. We also wear them for sentimental value; pieces given to us by someone special, or inherited from family, or […]

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17 Weird and Wonderful Irish Inventions

The Irish people are famous for many reasons, but inventing things isn’t usually one of them. Our ingenuity often goes unacknowledged, but over the centuries some of the world’s most important inventions in science, engineering and medicine have had Irish men to thank for their existence. Of course, we’re also responsible for plenty of weird […]

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Irish American Presidents

It’s a well known fact that the Irish get around! For generations, Irish people have been leaving their homeland for new opportunities and experiences in new cities, countries, or even continents. Some return after a few years of adventures, some fall in love and settle down abroad, and some become presidents of the United States! […]

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Irish Folklore Stories

Story telling is a hugely important part of Irish culture and heritage. So many of our playwrights, novelists and poets are literary greats, and our musicians and filmmakers are highly successful too; all of which are, not so coincidentally, mediums where story telling is paramount. Irish people are a naturally sociable race so storytelling is […]

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