Celtic & Claddagh Sparkle: Diamond Rings of Enduring Love


In the realm of engagement rings, where symbolism and beauty converge, the fusion of Claddagh or Celtic knot motifs with dazzling diamonds form enchanting narratives. Harmoniously blended to pay homage to both the enduring legacy of Irish heritage and the brilliance of eternal love.

Let's begin by exploring the exquisite artistry and significance that lies within these exquisite creations.


1. Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring: An Artful Symphony of Love and Heritage

Picture a ring that captures the essence of timelessness and Irish artistry, united in a single breathtaking piece. The Gold Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring is a testament to both contemporary elegance and Celtic tradition.

Expertly crafted in Ireland by the skilled goldsmith Eileen Moylan, this masterpiece marries the beauty of a brilliant solitaire diamond with intricate Celtic knotwork. The diamond, certified by GIA, boasts impeccable quality (Color Grade: G-H, Clarity Grade: VS) and is set in a four-prong arrangement, allowing its brilliance to captivate every gaze.

The Fusion of Two Histories: The Celtic knotwork motif embodies a deep connection between two lives, two cultures, and two histories. Meticulously designed with care and devotion, this ring reflects a legacy of love that transcends generations.

Celtic engagement ring

Explore the Gold Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring and also available in white gold


2. Diamond Engagement Ring with Claddagh Setting: A Profound Embrace of Love and Symbolism

Presenting the Diamond Engagement Ring with a hidden Claddagh setting, a marriage of minimalist elegance and the profound meaning of the Claddagh symbol.

Crafted by the skilled hands in Eileen's workshop in County Cork, Ireland, this ring harmoniously melds modern aesthetics with timeless values. The secret Claddagh setting beneath the diamond embodies love (heart), friendship (hands), and loyalty (crown), artfully concealed in the design.

The Radiance of the Diamond: The GIA certified brilliant-cut diamond (G-H color, VS clarity) radiates an ethereal beauty, symbolizing the luminous qualities of love and commitment. Each diamond is meticulously selected from our trusted and ethical gemstone suppliers, guaranteeing both authenticity and excellence.

Diamond engagement ring with Claddagh setting
Discover the Diamond Engagement Ring with Claddagh Setting and also available in yellow gold


3. Diamond Claddagh Ring with Weave Band: A Journey through Love and Tradition

Introducing the White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring with Weave Band, where love, loyalty, and friendship seamlessly intertwine.

Product Description: Meticulously forged from solid white gold, this Claddagh ring encapsulates three sentiments with grace. Inspired by the historic Claddagh design, the heart-shaped diamond stands as an emblem of enduring love. The hands and crown elegantly weave a narrative of loyalty and commitment, paying homage to Irish heritage.

The Dimension of Beauty: Boasting dimensions of 8mm from heart to crown, with a 3.5mm wide band adorned with intricate Celtic knots, this ring is a masterpiece of design. The GIA certified diamond's (G-H color, VS clarity) brilliance harmonizes with the profound symbolism of the Claddagh.


Diamond Claddagh engagement ring

Experience the Beauty of the Diamond Claddagh Ring with Weave Band and also available in white gold


4. Halo Celtic Knot Engagement Ring: Embracing Radiance and Tradition

Introducing a masterpiece that weaves elegance, tradition, and brilliance: our meticulously handcrafted Halo Celtic Knot Engagement Ring.

This exquisite ring showcases a central brilliant-cut diamond enveloped by a mesmerizing halo cluster, all gracefully nestled in white gold. The Trinity knots, an emblem of unending love and heritage, form a captivating design that transcends time.

Crafted with Dedication: Handmade in our Cork workshop, the Celtic Knot Engagement Ring encapsulates the essence of Irish design and craftsmanship. Each ring is meticulously made to order, ensuring a bespoke touch that resonates with your unique story. Crafted from solid white gold, this ring exudes sophistication and elegance.

Unveil the Beauty: Experience the allure of our Halo Celtic Knot Engagement Ring, where every element symbolizes the depth of your love and the legacy of Irish tradition. For those seeking a timeless treasure, this ring shines as a radiant testament to your radiant bond.

Celtic knot engagement ring in white gold

Explore the Halo Celtic Knot Engagement Ring and also available in gold.


With each glance at these masterpieces, one is reminded of the profound significance that love and tradition hold in the journey of life.

Celtic knots and diamonds converge in Irish engagement rings, forming an exquisite symphony of love and heritage. Each ring becomes a testament to enduring commitment, a legacy that merges the past and the present. With each glance at these masterpieces, one is reminded of the profound significance that love and tradition hold in the journey of life.


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