Christmas Irish Jewelry Gift Guide

As the days grow shorter, there's an undeniable sense of magic in the air. Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes the warmth of festive cheer. We look forward to reuniting with loved ones, and the boundless spirit of giving and receiving love.

This is our favorite time of year in the Claddagh Design workshop. Our jewelry designer Eileen and dedicated team are hard at work infusing the spirit of Christmas into every piece of Irish jewelry we create. We like to think each of our handcrafted pieces are imbued with a little bit of love from Ireland. It's always a privilege to play a little part in our customer's gift-giving traditions, spreading love and festive joy around the world.

In this blog post, we wanted to share some of our favorite Christmas gifts from our Irish jewelry collection. 

Whether you're seeking the perfect Claddagh ring for a good friend or beloved family member or Celtic pendant or bracelet as a token of self-love, we've a beautiful range selection of women's and men's Irish jewelry pieces for you to choose from.

Each and every piece is handcrafted using time honored techniques, made to last and to tells a unique story.

1. The Ultimate Irish Symbol of Love: The Claddagh Ring

Claddagh ring

As the name might suggest, the Claddagh ring remains our iconic and beloved signature piece. Even as our collection has expanded over the years, the Claddagh continues to hold an enduring place in our hearts.

This exquisite design, crafted by our gifted goldsmith, Eileen, remains a cherished cornerstone of our collection. Through the passage of time, Eileen's collection has grown to include various styles of Claddagh jewelry as well as Ogham and Celtic inspired pieced. Yet, this particular design remains a timeless favorite.

What distinguishes it is a timeless Irish tradition. The Claddagh symbol is revered worldwide for its embodiment of love, loyalty, and friendship. Over the centuries, the Claddagh Ring has been exchanged as a token of love, often passed down through generations of families.

Eileen has gracefully elevated this meaningful emblem, imparting it with a unique contemporary twist. Each Claddagh jewelry piece she creates is meticulously handcrafted in our workshop, promising longevity and exquisite quality. Gifting a stunning Claddagh jewelry piece is a heartfelt expression of your love, making it the perfect choice for the style-conscious individuals in your life.


Claddagh jewelry collection

Explore our collection of Classic & Contemporary Claddagh Rings


2. Secret Message Inscribed in Ancient Ogham

Our Ogham jewelry creations have emerged as some of our most sought-after designs. They offer the opportunity to choose your own special sentiment, word, or names adds a personal touch to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your loved one.

Used by our early ancestors, the Ogham alphabet is the earliest form of writing discovered in Ireland. By seamlessly incorporating this ancient script into our modern designs, we're able to craft truly personalized pieces that eloquently narrate the unique story of the wearer.


    Ogham Jewelry Collage

    Our best-selling Ogham jewelry designs:

    • Grá: A simple, yet exquisitely beautiful choice, featuring the Irish Gaelic word for love.
    • Anam Cara Jewelry: Drawn from Celtic tradition, signifying your 'Soul Friend.'
    • Personalize this pendant for her with a word that holds deep meaning.
    • Ogham Family Pendant: Customized with the names of your children, an ideal keepsake for family bonds.

    Discover more Ogham jewelry designs


    3. Celtic Jewelry: Contemporary Design, inspired by the past

    From the elegance of our Celtic engraved torc, a symbol believed to offer mystical protective powers, to the intricate beauty of our harmonious Celtic love knots, this extraordinary collection is a treasure trove of unique and meaningful pieces. Each design is individually crafted by hand and made to last. Making these designs the perfect gift for the festive season.

    From intricately interwoven hearts symbolizing deep affection to ancient symbols of protection, each creation from our collection has a story to tell. There's something truly enchanting about the concept of a piece of jewelry acting as a talisman, providing protection and carrying with it the magic of tradition and history. Choose a Celtic jewelry design that resonate for you and your loved one and it will be guaranteed to become a cherished keepsake.


    Celtic jewelry collection, made in Ireland

    Browse our Celtic Jewelry Collection


    As all our pieces are handmade in Ireland, Christmas shipping deadlines for worldwide customers are fast approaching for our international customers.
    If you have any queries about ordering a piece of jewelry in time for Christmas, please feel free to contact us. We will help to ensure it is under your tree in time for Christmas!





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