10 Irish Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts for her


Searching for the perfect gift this Valentine's Day? 

Explore our exquisite Irish necklaces, bracelets and earrings to find the perfect Valentines Day gift for your loved one.Each piece handcrafted with care in Ireland to last a lifetime and arrives beautifully presented in a luxury wooden box. Choose a special sentiments to express your love. 


Expressions of Love: Grá Jewellery

1. Mo Ghrá Pendant Necklace

Embrace the sentiment of "Mo Ghrá," Irish for my love, with this timeless piece.

Engraved in the ancient Ogham alphabet, Ireland's earliest written script. Your pendant will be finished in a stunning reflective polish and complete with natural freshwater pearl.


2. Grá Pendant Necklace

Simplicity meets elegance with our Grá pendant, featuring the word "love" engraved in secret characters from the ancient Ogham alphabet. 


3. Grá go Deo Pendant Necklace

Capture the essence of eternal love with "Grá go deo," meaning love forever in the poetic Irish language.


Meaningful Contemporary Irish Design: Claddagh Jewellery

4. New Infinity Claddagh Pendant

Brand new to the Claddagh Design collection, this elegant design intertwines Celtic knotwork around the classic Claddagh symbols. This breathtaking piece represents eternal love, friendship, and loyalty in a distinctive Irish style.  


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5. Contemporary Claddagh Pendant

For the modern woman, our minimalist Claddagh design offers a stylish twist on tradition. Available in sterling silver and solid gold our contemporary Irish Claddagh range includes styles for both women and men. 

Add a Personalized Touch

6. Personalised Jewellery Collection

Elevate your Valentine's gift this year with a one-of-a-kind piece from our personalized collection. Each pendant is custom made and engraved with a special word or sentiment in secret Ogham letters.


Celtic Love

7. Celtic Eternity Knot

Symbolizing eternity, this pendant boasts a pattern with no beginning and no end—a perfect representation of enduring love.

8. Celtic Love Knot

A modern interpretation of Celtic design, available in solid silver or gold, this pendant is a lasting tribute to timeless romance.


9. Celtic Motherhood Knot

One of our most unique creations, this modern interpretation on Celtic design features two interlocking hearts weave into a symbol of mother and child. 



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Timeless Anam Cara jewellery for your soul friend

Inspired by a concept from Celtic wisdom, two souls destined to meet since the beginning of time. Anam is Irish Gaelic for soul. Cara means friend.

Crafted in solid 9 carat gold, the unique Anam Cara Bracelet from our Anam Cara Jewellery Collection carries this beautiful Celtic concept in the ancient Irish alphabet. 



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