Lucky Jewellery for Friday the 13th!

Silver Celtic Torc necklace

For the superstitious out there you will be well aware that today is Friday 13th. A day in which we are all advised to be extra cautious and not push our luck! Last year I wrote about the origin of Friday the 13th and why it was considered so unlucky. While I'm not very superstitious I did take a few extra precautions this morning, like putting on my torc pendant.

The Torc was one of the most important pieces of jewellery for the Celts as they believed it had magical powers and would act as a talisman to protect the wearer. Warriors were known to go in to battle wearing only their torc so hopefully it should keep me safe today!


We shipped an order this week for a Silver Ogham pendant which was engraved with the Irish word for 'luck'-'ádh'. Maybe that customer was making sure they had some good luck charms to keep them safe on Friday the 13th! You will know from reading our blog that Ogham is an ancient Irish script which is represented by a series of lines. It dates back tot he 4th century and is the oldest form of writing in Ireland. This pendant has that lovely crescent torc shape and is engraved with the word luck to keep the wearer especially safe this Friday 13th.

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