Back on the Chain Gang!

I've been making a lot of chain in the workshop this week. I had hundreds of inches of silver chain that all needed to be measured, cut, and soldered into perfect wearable lengths. You'll know from our Claddagh Design shop that we offer four chain lengths so you can have your pendant sit perfectly. This service means when it comes to chain making time, I need to be super organised!

I've learnt that the most efficient way to do this is to make a different length each day so I don't get confused and start cutting 16" lengths instead of 18" lengths. So today was 18" length day. I snapped some photos of the process so you get a chance to see how we make our sterling silver chains. I begin with a super long length of chain, in this case a belcher link which we use on our Claddagh and Ogham pendants. It's a great link because it's really strong and solid without being big and bulky. Unfortunately every now and then the chain will get tangled in the delivery so I have to turn this...

Silver pendant chain

into this...

Silver Chain

This requires some nice happy music and a bit of patience!

Silver chain rings

Once I've done that I cut the chain into lengths and start adding the jump rings. I make all my own jump rings too, mostly because I'm fussy about getting the correct size and thickness of silver.

hand made silver chain

Then it's just a matter of closing up the jump rings and soldering them shut.

Soldering Silver Chain

And what you should end up with is lots of perfectly measured, cut and soldered lengths of chain ready to be added to pendants as you order them.

Sterling Silver Pendant chain
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