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Claddagh Design Ideas From The Workshop

This has been a busy week at Claddagh Design. When I finished getting all the Valentines orders made and shipped it was back to the drawing board to work on some new designs. I love this part of the job, after a day of making in the workshop it's lovely to sit down with a sketch pad and a cup of tea and just draw! Often when I'm making the jewelry I'll think of ways I could adapt or change the designs and a whole new collection will start to form in my head. For this reason I keep a little notebook on the bench where I quickly doodle new ideas or designs. I might seem like an odd approach to design but I often find looking back on my notebooks some of my best ideas come from here.

Here is a picture of my messy notebook, the drawings done here are usually two second diagrams so I won't forget an idea.

Claddagh Design Ideas From The Workshop

As you can see it's not just for sketching, I also use it to jot down lists and measurements. When I'm working on a new piece I sit down with my messy notebook and my nice clean sketch pad and start playing around with my rough ideas. This is the nice part where you start refining and developing the designs. Sometimes a design will change dramatically from the original doodle or I'll get a flash of inspiration from sketching and a design I wasn't sure about will become one of my favourites. I know the artistic process is a difficult thing to articulate but hopefully a glimpse into my sketch pad will give you an idea of how I work.

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