Valentines Day Jewelry

With Valentines Day fast approaching, (it's next Tuesday for those of you who have forgotten!) I've been working on getting some of our new pendants up on the shop. Like our existing pieces our new jewelry is inspired by ancient Irish art and metalwork, adding our own little twist to these traditional designs. The first piece I've added to the shop is the Ogham Grá pendant. I've been working on expanding our Ogham range for a while now and I think the new pendants are a lovely compliment to our gents collection. The silver ring pendant is engraved with the Irish word for love - 'grá' (pronounced graw) - with its Ogham inscription on the other side. So whatever way the ring is facing you can see the hand engraved design.

The second pendant I've added is the Ogham A Stór pendant. This design is based on old Ogham stones I saw recently. Not all Ogham stones were rectangular standing stones, the ancient Irish also carved Ogham into these round wheel shaped stones. This pendant is hand engraved with the Ogham inscription 'a stór' (pronounced 'a store') which is the Irish word for my love or my darling. Perfect for Valentines Day! These designs have been inspired by the Ogham alphabet and of course your requests and suggestions so thank you! Hope you and your Valentine like them.

Silver Ogham Gra Love Pendant Valentines Day Jewelry

Silver Ogham Grá Pendant

Handmade Silver Irish Love Pendant

Handmade Silver Irish Love Pendant

Irish Handmade Pendant Silver Ogham

Silver Ogham A Stór Pendant

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