The Return of the Tie Bar

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What sets a well dressed man apart? We think you will agree, it is nothing more than your attention to detail. We have always been huge fans of the classic tie bar so it was really interesting to see the LA Times recently wrote an article on how the tie bar is making a comeback for everyday work attire. The writer mainly credit this rise in popularity to influences of TV shows such as 'Mad Men' and 'Boardwalk Empire'. For some time now, we've been watching this development with interest.

Demand for our bespoke silver men's accessories has increased. Where commissions for personalized tie bars and cufflinks had traditionally been ordered as gifts by partners, family or for corporate events, we now see a growing cohort of well groomed, well dressed Irish men contacting us directly to create their personalized piece to accessorize their work wear. Interestingly, adding a classic personalized touch such as family crests, initials or even personal messages is what most men are looking for. While you may be clear on the personalized engravings, as with many of our novice men's accessory shoppers we are sure you'd like to be informed on the various style options. So what is the difference between a tie bar, a tie clip and a tie pin? Let's take a closer look at each piece!

Tie Bar, Clip or Pin, which is it?

Tie Clip: Is a bar of metal which clips the tie to the underlying shirt. A tie clip opens like a jaw to grasp the tie while a tie bar slides across the tie.

Tie Bar: Similar to a tie clip it is a metal bar which fixes the tie to the shirt. While the tie clip has a jaw which opens and closes a tie bar slides over the tie and shirt.

Tie Pin: A metal tack which pierces through the tie. The bar at the back of the tie pin attaches to the shirt through the button hole.

Family Crest Tie Bar See our Family Crest Tie Bar

Why wear a Tie Bar?

A tie bar is a perfect example of functional style. Leaving aside the aesthetic value of this simple yet sophisticated accessory, it also serves an important function of fixing your tie in place. The Tie bar prevents it falling forward into food or flying over your shoulder on a windy day! Undeniably, the tie bar adds instant polish and personality to a suit. It finishes a business suit or formal dress men's dress wear with subtle detailing that sets the wearer apart from poorly put together grey mundane work formal wear. Surprisingly, we've also heard from a customer that his Irish family crest tie bar opened up unexpected conversations at work on his family heritage and history. Below is a picture of a sterling silver family crest tie bar we recently made. The fish is the symbol from the Galvin family crest.

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Irish family emblem Tie bar
Handcrafted Tie Bar with Irish family emblem engraving

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