The final pendant ready to be shipped

Sterling Silver Grá (meaning Love) Pendant

Hi All, Eileen here, the head goldsmith at Claddagh Design. Today I want to tell you about another custom order for a happy Claddagh Design customer.

As usual, this process started with the customer filling out a Custom Jewelry request. There's always some over and back (by email) to confirm the finer points of the design. Once everything is understood, I can get to work.

I start by heating the silver to soften it so that I can roll down and form it into the perfect rectangular shape.

A piece of silver ready to be made into a pendant
A raw piece of silver ready to be fashioned into a pendant

Using some silver tube that I have made, I cut off a section to make the pendant loop.

The manufacture of a silver pendant
The ring ready to be soldered onto the pendant

This is soldered on using my gas torch with silver solder. The solder melts and fuses the two pieces together.

Soldering a ring unto a pendant in Eileen Moylan's workshop
Soldering the ring onto the pendant

Once that has been cleaned in acid and polished I can then begin to engrave the ogham inscription.

This pendant has been hand engraved with the word "Grá" which is the Irish word for Love.

The inscription "Grá" meaning Love in Irish
Once the inscription is complete, the pendant can then go through the final finishing.

This pendant includes an easter egg in that the back of the pendant has been set with a birthstone. As usual, the piece is hallmarked.

Detail of the back of the pendant showing the inset birth stone
A close up of the back of the image shows the inset birthstone.

Like all our pieces this pendant has been put on a solid silver chain which can be worn every day.

If this looks like something you would like, send us a query via the Custom Jewelry form. If you want inspiration, why not check out our range of pendants and necklaces in the shop.

The final pendant ready to be shipped
Some customers like to get a picture of the final product prior to shipping.
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