Social Media Day

World Social Media Day

Today is World Social Media Day so in honor of this I'm going to show you how Claddagh Design is using social media! The simplest way to describe social media is a type of media which people can interact with, like this blog - people are free to leave questions, comments or suggestions. Besides blogs, some other well known social media websites are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

At Claddagh Design we keep our blog regularly updated but we also use Facebook and Twitter to let people know what we're up to in the workshop. These are both really handy websites to be able to interact with customers and get feedback on new design ideas. I usually try to include photos so that everyone can see what we're making. It's great to get comments from people as you document the process of a piece from a lump of silver to the finished item of jewelry. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account and you want to get a sneak peak into the workshop just follow us at or Like us on Facebook And if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be the first to hear about some offers we are planning. Happy Social Media Day Everyone!

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