Silver and Gold Torc Necklace

Silversmiths bench


I've been making some changes in the workshop this week and I've just bought a new bench. I say new, I bought this bench from a jeweller who is retiring from the trade. They had been handcrafting pieces on it for over twenty years. 

It has been a hectic but lovely week settling in to a new work space. With this new makeover, I was inspired to work on some new jewellery designs I am excited to share with you. This is the first piece I made on the bench, a silver and gold Torc necklace.


silver torc necklace


As many of you will already know, many of jewellery designs are crafted in silver but I get lots of requests to add these same pieces in gold. So what better time than to work on expanding our gold jewellery options on the Claddagh Design collection.

I love the colour of silver and it is such a beautiful metal to work with. For this piece, I wanted to create contrast with cool silver and warm 9ct gold tones.

This contrast between gold and silver was inspired by the penannular brooches in the National Museum. The idea of the ring attached to the band is also influenced by a piece in the museum. I have this photo of a gold ring attached to a torc hanging over by bench. The simplicity of the design is something I keep coming back to.

Silver Torc Necklace


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Silver and Gold plated Brooch National Museum Ireland

I made the torc in silver and put it on a double belcher link chain. I then added the gold ring so the chain is looped in through this on one side.

Gold Torc Necklace

I'm loving working on the new bench. All my tools have found their homes and the more spacious work area has changed how I work (for the better!). The new space is allowing me to create new and exciting jewellery. Not bad for a 20 year old bench :)


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