Claddagh Design Exhibits at Showcase Ireland

I got back from Dublin late yesterday after a busy few days at Showcase Ireland. I had hoped to blog from Dublin but unfortunately my internet access wasn't up to it. So I've got lots of photos and news for you! Having never exhibited at Showcase before I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at the RDS on Friday. When I found my stand all the walls were in place and it was just a matter of unloading the car and getting started!

Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit

I wanted to cover the white walls so I got black and silver wallpaper that I was able to hang using double sided tape.

Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit 2

While I was hanging the wallpaper I had my two busy helpers putting together the display cabinets.

Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit 3 Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit

By lunchtime things were starting to take shape, the wallpaper was up and the cabinets were assembled and in position. I had framed some photos of the jewelry along with the sketches that inspired them which I started to hang on the walls.

Unique Jewelry Display

I got these lanterns in Ikea which I hung with black ribbon and displayed some of my most popular pieces like the Claddagh and Celtic torc pendant. Over the few days of Showcase I got lots of lovely comments about my unique display!

Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit

Once I had the display in place it was just a matter of sorting through the jewelry and deciding what went where. This was by far the slowest part, even though all my work is divided into collections I still had to decide how best to display each piece. Here's how the stand looked when we were finished.

Showcase Ireland Claddagh Design Exhibit

I was really happy with the results when we left Saturday evening but when I came back in on Sunday morning the heat from the spot lights had weakened the tape and the wall paper had come away from the wall. I had a stressful hour getting it rehung but thankfully it all worked out in the end!

Eileen Moylan at Showcase Ireland
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