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We've had a great summer in the workshop, we've worked on lots of gorgeous designs and wedding rings and now we're readying ourself for the Autumn/Winter madness! We have been getting lots of enquiries about custom pieces for Christmas from some of our very organised customers! So to get your creative juices flowing I'm sharing some our recent commissions.

This order was from keen fisherman who travelled to Ireland regularly to catch some of our world famous salmon. It turns out he has been fishing quite close to the Claddagh Design workshop! Maybe we should try our hand at fishing since it's on our doorstep :) Anyway we made this sterling silver salmon pendant to bring him luck on his fishing trips.


Silver-salmon (2)

From fish to lighting bolts. This pendant was ordered by a customer for his wife who wanted a chunky silver lightning bolt. We made this out of 3mm thick silver so we were able to engrave an inscription around the side of the pendant. I loved working on this pendant as the thickness of the silver was a real challenge with the design. It also caused me to sing in the workshop.

When you are cutting out a lightning bolt songs like Jake Bugg 'Lightening Bolt' and Queen's 'Bohemian Rapsody' go through your head ....Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me Gallileo, Gallileo. Thankfully we didn't have video of this so you are spared the bad singing :)



Lightning-bolt (1)

Lightning-bolt (2)

We've worked with the lovely people in Craftshop na Mear in Listowel, Co. Kerry to launch a range of jewellery inspired by the Listowel writer Brian McMahon's song 'My Silver River Feale' Now while the word silver is in the title of the collection this doesn't mean we will only make this pendant in silver! This Listowel native decided to have the pendant made in gold and we think it looks just as good.



So there are just a few of the lovely designs we've had the opportunity to work on this month. If you think you have an idea for the perfect piece of jewellery you would like to get made feel free to contact me

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