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Among the lessons learned over the course of this pandemic is the importance of the connection to family, friends and loved ones. The jewellery commissions we've worked on reflect this change in tide. Our customers have been amazingly creative this month. We have received so many meaningful ideas and commissions over the past few months. From one-of-a-kind Claddagh rings to personalised Ogham pendants and rings. From stunning family crests pieces to unique silverware. As each piece leaves our workshop, we capture a photo of the finished design. Here, we share 8 of our favourite custom creations with you. As the name may suggest, we adore the symbolism of the iconic Claddagh. There is nothing we love more than exploring new and creative ways to revive these meaningful symbols.

Unique Claddagh Wedding Rings

matching Claddagh wedding rings made white gold with natural vines

As the name may suggest, we adore the symbolism of the iconic Claddagh. There is nothing we love more than exploring new and creative ways to revive these meaningful symbols. Among the many unique Claddagh ring commissions we worked on over the past month, this exquisite pair stood out for us. The couple had been searching for the perfect pair of wedding rings for quite some time when they came across our Instagram page.

As the focal point for their rings, they chose the Claddagh symbols. The heart, crown and hands stand love, loyalty and friendship for one another. This design features flowing vine-work which runs around the entire band. A symbol to reflect their shared love of nature. Once the design was finalized, we handcrafted their rings in solid white gold. The set was complete with a beautiful inscription hidden inside each of their bands. A totally unique Claddagh ring set, designed just for them.

Personalized Custom Pendant, just for her

pearl pendant

Another inspiring piece, we began by creating a little silver disc pendant. They chose to engrave her name in this elegant cursive font. To complete it, we added two small charms, a tiny butterfly and natural pearl. This gorgeous pendant was handmade in hallmarked sterling silver.

Custom Jewelry creation

Claddagh Ring: 90th Birthday Gift

classic gold claddagh rings with two birthstones in the hands

We were honoured to be asked to create this beautiful ring for a very special woman. A piece was custom made to mark their mother's 90th birthday. Due to the pandemic, they'd been unable to visit her in the UK. They wanted to send something that would show just how much she means to them. We began with a classic Gold Claddagh ring to symbolize their undying love, loyalty and friendship to her. The family are originally from Ireland so the Claddagh holds special significance to them. We set it with two beautiful birthstones, one for their mother and one for their father. Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June. Citrine is the birthstone for their father's November birthday.

Anam Cara Bracelet, for his soulmate

anam cara bracelet

This stunning piece was commissioned by one of our returning clients. He had previously given his wife a gift of our Script Anam Cara Pendant. As it is one of her most treasured possessions, he asked if we could design a matching Anam Cara bracelet as a surprise for her birthday. We based the shape of the design on the Ogham Anam Cara Bracelet, We then engraved the piece with the style of script on her existing pendant. Anam Cara is an ancient concept from Celtic wisdom. Anam is Irish (Gaelic) for soul and Cara means friend. He wanted her to be able to wear these pieces as a reminder that she is his one and only soulmate.

Diamond Claddagh Eternity Ring

Diamond eternity band with two tiny Claddagh symbols evenly set between the diamond.

She wanted to create a ring that would sit perfectly with her engagement ring, a Claddagh ring that would compliment a brilliant cut solitaire. It carries love, loyalty and friendship in a modern style. We began by exploring fresh ways to look at a classic diamond eternity band. By removing a small number of the diamonds, it allowed us to set two perfectly formed tiny Claddagh symbols into a half band of diamonds. Each diamond and Claddagh was meticulously measured to sit precisely to the left and right of the solitaire in her engagement ring. Timeless and one of a kind, this piece was a true joy to work on. A Claddagh design we are extremely proud to call one of our own.

Ogham Money Clip: Graduation Keepsake


She came across our sterling silver money clip on our blog. She got in touch to commission a similar design as a gift for her son on his graduation day. Made in sterling silver, we engraved their family name in Ireland's oldest form of writing, the ancient Ogham script. After engraving and hallmarking the piece, we oxidized the inscription. Finally it was finished in a hammer embossed design. We were delighted when we received the word they "received the money clip you made, and its exactly what I wanted. Thanks very much for the lovely work. All the best"

Family Crest Silver Pick

Family crest silver pick

With wedding season in full swing, we have received some of the most inspiring gift ideas for groom-to-be. While the morning of the wedding is often overlooked, a thoughtful keepsake to give to your groom on the morning of your wedding is a piece that will always be treasured. This bride look it to a whole new level. She commissioned a piece that she knew would hit a cord, combining his pride in his Irish heritage with his passion for music. We designed and handcrafted this silver plectrum in solid silver. The pick was then hand engraved with the full Foley family crest. Complete in a reflective polish ready for their wedding day.

Claddagh Celtic Cross

claddagh-celtic-cross (2)

This next pendant was ordered by one of our lovely customers for her boyfriend. We worked together over emails finalising the details of style and engraving. We began by cutting the cross from a heavy sheet of white gold. The details were cut out to form the intricate outline of the design. We engraved the Celtic knotwork and Claddagh heart, hands and crown. A strong white gold bail was added for security. The piece was finely polished before it was placed on a high quality white gold chain.

We were overwhelmed with her response to the finished design. "I received the cross today. I LOVE IT!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! It is even better than the photo. I am so thrilled Thanks again for all your help with this unique request. You are an incredible artist! We will cherish this forever! " Maureen Thanks so much to our lovely customers for sharing and allowing us to bring all of these wonderful ideas to life!

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