Propose to your Man with a Claddagh Ring

Contemporary Mens Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Last week I wrote about the Leap year tradition which allows women to propose to their men on the 29th February. When the man proposes the tradition is that he would drop to one knee and present a sparkly diamond ring. I was wondering what do women propose with? Do the men in our lives want a big sparkly diamond? Recently I've been getting orders for contemporary Claddagh rings that can also be worn as wedding rings. I've made these in a range of metals from sterling silver to 18ct gold. These are ordered by couples who either have a connection to Ireland or love the symbolism behind the Claddagh ring.

The story behind the Claddagh ring and what it represents sits perfectly with a marriage proposal. The hands symbolize friendship, the heart represents love and the crown symbolizes loyalty, three ingredients for a perfect marriage. So if you're planning on taking advantage of your Leap year rights, why not do it with a Claddagh ring? The ring can remain as an engagement ring or can be used as your partners wedding ring. And if your other half likes sparkly diamonds there's nothing stopping you getting a diamond set in it too!

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