Our New Silver Triskel Pendant

Silver Triskel Pendant

We've had a busy few weeks since Showcase getting orders together for all our new stockists. I will be writing about all the lovely shops that will be stocking our jewellery over the next few weeks but for now I wanted to share one of our new designs. View our Triskel Pendant here on our online store. It was a piece that I've been working on and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

making triskel Pendant

I really liked the motif of the triskel but I wanted to create something a little bit different. So I began to play around with the idea of the triskel sitting within a circle. I also examined how the chain sits on the pendant. I have designed this piece so the chain is now attached at either side of the circle so the pendant sits really nicely when worn.

Newgrange Triskel Entrance Stone

The triskel motif was used on stone carvings in Ireland as far back as 3000 BC. I love that my inspiration comes from symbols that are over 5,000 years old! Probably the most famous example of the triskel design in on the entrance stone to Newgrange passage tomb. This highly decorated stone uses lots of these swirling designs to create this lovely effect.

Irish Silver Triskel Pendant

I'm working on more of these style pendants, incorporating Celtic symbols and motifs into this contemporary circle design. As always I will keep you posted on my progress :)

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