Our New Ogham 'Happiness' Pendant

silver ogham sonas pendant

Our Ogham 'A Stór' Pendant is one of our most popular pieces and we often get requests to make this pendant with one off inscriptions like names and Irish phrases One of the words that we often get asked to engrave in Ogham is 'Sonas' the Irish word for happiness. So since it's a lovely sunny day here I thought what better time to work on adding this piece to the range! Here it is our new Ogham 'Sonas' (happiness) pendant.

making silver ogham pendant

To make this piece I begin with a flat sheet of silver with the circles scribed out. It will take on the same shape and size as the 'A stór' pendant so I have all the sizes and the measurements worked out already.

making-silver-ogham-pendant (3)

Once I have the piece marked out on the sheet of silver I can begin cutting it out. I first drill a hole in the centre so I can feed my saw blade though it to cut out the circle in my pendant.

cutting-silver-ogham-pendant (2) cutting-silver-ogham-pendant (3) cutting silver ogham pendant

I always find it easier to cut this centre circle out first as you have more metal to hold when cutting it. This can give you more control over the piece when cutting very fine detail. I suppose it's habit too, I was always taught to start with the smallest cutting and work up so after many years of cutting out jewellery I just automatically work this way.

making-silver-ogham-pendant (4)

When I have the entire piece cut out I can begin to file and emery it. This takes off all the rough and sharp edges and makes it a little gentler on the hands to work with!

making-silver-ogham-pendant (5)

This Ogham pendant has a domed shape so I place the disc of silver in the doming block and then using the correct size doming punch to hammer the silver into that lovely curved form. The silver is quite malleable as it has been annealed (heated gently) to soften the metal. Now that my pendant is taking shape it's time to start work on the final finish, using emery sticks and my polishing lathe I take out any scratches and marks and bring up the shine in the silver.

making silver ogham pendant

This gives me a lovely surface to begin my engraving. As I mentioned this pendant will be engraved with the Irish word for happiness, 'sonas'. So I work out the Ogham translation and double check it before I make any marks on the silver.


Once it is all engraved it is ready for the final polish and the addition of the pendant ring and chain. And there you have it, our latest addition to the Claddagh Design collection.

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