Our New Ogham Bracelet!

lsilver ogham sonas bracelet

Today in the workshop we're starting Monday morning on a happy note! I'm finally ready to add our new Silver Ogham Sonas Bracelet to the shop. As you might know from our Sonas pendant, sonas is the Irish word for happiness. And since many of us find Monday mornings a bit difficult sometimes I thought it was the perfect product to introduce today.

Ogham is an ancient Irish script and the oldest form of writing in Ireland. It was mostly carved into standing stones and there are still plenty of examples of this dotted around the country, some achievement when you consider that many of these are dating back to the 4th century!

silver ogham sonas bracelet

Ogham lends itself beautifully to jewelry allowing you to have any inscription you would like engraved in a secret script. So while some people may just see it as a series of lines we know that is spells happiness. A perfect way to bring a smile to your face on a cloudy Monday morning :)

silver ogham sonas bracelet
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