Our Customer's Designs: Recent Custom Made Jewelry

One of the highlights of our job is getting to work with our customers to translate their ideas into pieces of jewelry. We're always blown away by the wealth of talent out there when it comes to designing a really gorgeous item of jewelry.

As you will know we love to feature these brilliant designs on our Claddagh Design blog and this month again our customers have outdone themselves!

Silver Christening Spoon

The first piece featured today was designed completely by our customer, we just did the final drawings and made the piece. There were one or two minor features that we tweaked at the drawing stage to suit changes the customer wanted to make. It is a sterling silver Christening spoon which features our Torc symbol on the top. The customer loved the history behind the Torc and that it was considered to act as a talisman to protect the owner. Also the significance of the torc being handed down through generations ties in beautifully with a Christening gift.

The customer wanted to include a short Irish inscription but was unsure what engrave. We often use Irish words and terms of endearment on our jewellery so we were happy to send on a list of suggestions. The one that the customer decided on was 'a stoirín' which means my little one or little darling. It comes from the Irish word 'a stór' meaning my love or my darling.

A Ghra cufflinks

Since we're in wedding season many of our custom jewelry orders have been as wedding gifts for the bride or groom. These cufflinks were designed by one bride for her future husband to wear on their wedding day. Taking inspiration from our Silver Ogham cufflinks this customer decided to have 'a Ghrá' engraved in Ogham along the square cufflinks. This as you will know from our Ogham collection is the Irish word for 'my love'

Silver Letter Pendant

This silver letter pendant took it's inspiration from a previous custom order we featured on the blog. This simple silver pendant was cut out by hand with the letter 'M'. Like the other letter pendant we made recently it was made from very thick sheet of silver so that a hole could be drilled through the letter for the chain to sit. I love the simplicity of this piece, it is the ideal personalised gift for any age.

If you have an idea you would love brought to life just drop us a quick message on our Custom Celtic Jewelry Page and we'll get right back to you.

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