Inspiration and The Origin of the Celtic Cross

Silver Celtic Cross

Silver Celtic Cross Pendants. This week I've been making a variety of our While researching new designs, I stumble across more information on the Celtic Cross. I wrote a piece recently about the development and

inspiration of the Celtic Cross in Ireland. It is believed it developed from stone slabs and evolved to become the free-standing cross and wheel design we all recognize today. The wheel or ring around the axis of the cross is said to represent the sun while others maintain it represents a halo.

The most recent book I read believes the design developed from the exchange of ideas between metalworkers and stonemasons. They suggest the inspiration for this shape came from the processional crosses of the time. They use the example of the stone cross of Ahenny where there is a very strong metalwork influence. If you look at the point where the ring and cross meet there are a number of carved details strongly resembling metal rivets. (I couldn't find a detailed enough image to show this carving)

So there you have it, another theory about the origin of the Celtic cross. Wouldn't it be great if us metalworkers could take the credit for this iconic design!!

Silver Celtic Cross 2

Have you heard any other interpretations on the origins of the Celtic Cross? We'd love to hear them!

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