Our New Ogham Information Card

Silver Hand engraved Ogham Ring

One of our most popular jewelry ranges is our Ogham collection. Because of its interesting history people are fascinated by the origin and use of Ogham. Ogham is an ancient Irish script dating back to around the 4th-7th Century. Can you believe that's over 1700 years ago?! It is the earliest form of writing in Ireland and was mostly carved into stone. Amazingly there are still plenty of examples of Ogham in Ireland which can be seen on standing stones around the country.

Irish Ogham Stone Cork Museum

We are especially lucky here in Cork and Kerry as one third of all the remaining Ogham stones can be found between these two counties. You'd image at that rate we should be tripping over them! Many are off the beaten path and therefore not regularly seen. Thankfully Irish archaeology has done much to document and study these stones and many can be seen in museums around the country.

Ogham Stone Cork Museum

I paid a visit to the Cork Museum where they have some of these Ogham stones on display. The badly taken photos above (sorry I was having a bad camera day!) are just a few examples of the Ogham stones they have in their exhibit. Ogham works really beautifully on jewelry. I think what is so appealing is the fact that it is a secret language steeped in history and tradition. To the observer it might just look like a series of lines but to the wearer it will have a special meaning.

Irish Ogham Claddagh Design

We wanted to do our bit to share some interesting facts about Ogham so we've designed this little card that sits into all our Ogham jewelry boxes so you can tell the recipient of the gift what Ogham is, where it comes from and most importantly what their inscription means!

Ogham Claddagh Design Ogham Claddagh Design

All you need to decide now is what you would like engraved in Ogham?

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