Our New Ogham Earring Designs!

Our New Ogham Earring Designs!

Silver Ogham Jewellery

After a busy few days building up stock I'm finally able to add these Silver Ogham earrings to the Claddagh Design shop. They are made to match our Silver Ogham Necklace and are the first of many in our new earring collection.

If you would like to purchase our Silver Ogham Earrings, click the link to view them in our store. Here are a few pictures that I took in the workshop of me making these earrings.

Handmade silver Ogham Earrings

As always I began by sketching the designs. While I had the overall shape from the Ogham pendant I had to decide how I wanted the earrings to hang. Once I had the design sorted I went about cutting out the shape by hand. I had to smooth the rough edges and remove any sharp edges left from the cutting.

Hand made ogham earrings

I wanted the earrings to have a soft curve so I domed them with the doming punch and block. It's quite a subtle dome but enough that they have a lovely curve when viewed from the side. All these little decisions are very important when designing earrings as you need to consider how they will hang and how they will look from all visible angles when worn.

Attaching silver earring fittings

Once I had them polished and engraved it was time to choose the earrings wires. There are lots of different fittings each giving the earrings a different length or shape. I decided on these simple silver ear wires as they allow the round crescent shape to hang freely. Also the more complicated fittings didn't sit as well with the traditional Ogham design.

Handmade silver ogham

I photographed these earrings on this beautiful porcelain vase made by Kerry ceramicist Mary Neeson, Irish Ceramicist. She makes these lovely porcelain angel figures and also incorporates this angel design into her vessels.

As always if you have a different Ogham inscription that you would like incorporated into a piece of jewelry feel free to contact us through the custom jewelry page.

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