Listowel Jewelry Collection


Jewelry inspired by 'My Silver River Feale' and the town of Listowel, County Kerry

The town of Listowel is world famous for the amazing writers past and present. So it is no surprise that Ireland's best known literary festival would take place in Listowel every year. The organisers put together an impressive line up with well known writers giving talks and running workshops throughout the event. Watch the full video from the workshop where I show how these pieces are made.


As a native Kerry woman, I was honoured to be asked to design a piece of jewelry for the event. I drew inspiration from the poignant words from the beautiful Ballad 'My Silver River Feale' by the well known Listowel writer Brian McMahon.


One particular verse resonated from this his famous ballad "My heart tonight is lonely for my sireland, though many miles of ocean lie between, My heart tonight is home again in Ireland, Upon thy banks, my silver River Feale" Bryan McMahon My collection of jewelry was launched in Listowel during the festival and I am glad to report it was well received.


I let the cameras in to Claddagh Design HQ to film me making the jewelry and the below short film was shown on the night.


Of course, if you are interested in owning a piece from my Listowel Silver River Feale collection, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you! Drop me an email on Custom Irish Jewelry page.

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