The Best Irish Inspired Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings Looking for inspiration for your Irish wedding rings? Here are just 9 different bespoke wedding rings created for our customers. 1 Ogham Wedding Rings Engrave your rings with the ancient Ogham writing on classic curved bands in rose, yellow or white gold. Wear the inscription of your partners initials facing in or out. These timeless wedding bands work particularly well for the couple that appreciates a sleek design but would like to a add a little nod to their shared Irish ancestry. 2 Contemporary Claddagh Rings make the ideal wedding rings. The three Claddagh symbols stand for love, loyalty and friendship with the heart, crown and hands. Wear these rings to represent your Irish heritage and commitment with these gorgeous sentiments. 3 Flat contemporary wedding bands. This rings are engraved with initials in the linear strokes of the Ogham alphabet. Ogham has been dated as far back as the 4th century. Examples can still be seen carved into standing stones around Ireland, Wales and England. 4 For those that prefer a plain band, engraving your personal message in Irish Gaelic is a beautiful touch. Choose special words for your bride or groom-to-be before the wedding so you can share a special moment on the morning of your big day. 5 Personalize with a secret message in Ireland's oldest form of writing. Only you two will understand. Ogham inscriptions can be engraved around your wedding band. The concept of an Anam Cara from Celtic wisdom being a particularly popular choice. Anam Cara means soul friend in the Irish language. The person you were destined to be and whose two souls complete each other since the beginning of time. 6 Combine two elements of Irish designs as seen in the Book of Kells and other famous Irish artworks. The Claddagh dates back to the 17th century a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Add Celtic designs around your band to signify eternity. The Celtic knot is a wonderful example of early eternity knots. They have no beginning and no end, they go on for infinity. 7 For couples with an appreciation for Irish design, they will love wearing these decorative Celtic Knot intricately hand engraved. Again the pattern has no beginning and no end offered as a symbol of shared heritage or a love of all things Celtic. 8 Many couples will have found rings they like but can't find the perfect Irish Wedding rings they will love. You will wear these rings for the rest of your life. Why not create your own by gathering images of the rings you like. A bespoke wedding ring is always worth investing in. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your idea for your Irish wedding ring or to receive a quote 9 The final Irish wedding rings are two simple initials engraved in Ogham letters. The two rings have been designed to join together as one. We hope found a little inspiration here and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!
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