Irish Phrases About Love, For Your Wedding Ring

Irish Phrases About Love, For Your Wedding Ring

So since it is wedding season I decided to research other Irish terms of affection that would be suitable for a wedding ring inscription. Most people have something engraved inside their wedding ring, whether it's the date (so they never forget anniversaries!) or a secret message. If you want to have your secret message in Irish but don't know what to say or how to say it, the list below should help. I've put together a few Irish words and phrases that would be perfect engraved inside or outside any wedding ring.

  • Grá buan - meaning Love forever
  • Is tú mo rogha - meaning You are my chosen one
  • A rún mo chléibh mo chroí - Oh,love of my heart ,my darling
  • Mo mhuirnín - means my darling/beloved/sweetheart

I found a great Irish saying that's perfect for your wedding day but I'm not sure it would fit inside a wedding ring.

Níl aon leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh - There's no cure for love but marriage!

Two weeding rings with an Irish Ogham inscription

We find that our posts about expressing your love in Irish are really popular, so here is the full list of current posts we have on the subject. Let's start with the terms of endearment and work up to the more intense passions!

And as usual, keep in mind that you can get these phrases or Ogham versions inscribed on some handmade irish jewelry from Claddagh Design. Or if you want to be extra special, why not commission a custom piece of jewelry?

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