Irish Ogham Wedding Ring Designs

Irish Ogham wedding rings

You'll be glad to hear that despite all the press coverage, interviews and photoshoots going on in the Claddagh Design workshop recently, we haven't let the fame go to our heads :) We are still busily cutting, filing and hammering away and getting our hands dirty creating jewelry for our Irish Wedding Ring Collection on our online store. We've had the privilege of working on some wonderful ogham ring commissions for a lovely couple this month so I thought I'd share. As you may already be aware, Ogham is the oldest form of writing to be found in Ireland.

Dating as far back as the 4th century AD examples still survive in standing stones scattered across the Irish landscape to this very day. We combine this ancient Celtic language with our contemporary wedding ring designs to create truly personalized touch. From engraving a word that means something special to a simple inscription of your partners initial, we think it is a really unique way to add something special to the rings that you will wear to the end of your days. The first set were a pair of Ogham wedding rings in white gold. The customer wanted something that would sit neatly with her engagement ring yet would still allow enough width for her partners initial in an Ogham inscription.

Ogham Wedding Rings

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Ogham Ring for ladies and Ogham ring for men

The customer's engagement ring had this lovely curved band so the court band was the ideal fit and the two rings sat perfectly together. We engraved the groom's initials in Ogham on the bride's wedding ring and the bride's initials on the groom's wedding ring. The couple also contacted us by email to include an engraving inside the rings which can only be seen by the couple wearing them. While we do create these rings in matte finish when asked, this couple decided to opt for the reflective polish on the white gold. We were really delighted with how they turned out! Are you curious as to how your initials would look in Ogham? Enter your initials on our Ogham Translator


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Ogham Ring for ladies and Ogham ring for men


The second set of wedding rings I wanted to feature is this gorgeous pair of Ogham rings in a slightly different design. With this pair of wedding rings, the couple opted for the flat wedding band with the Ogham inscription. On this pair we added both of their initials to each ring. So when you turn the band on your finger, you can see the second Ogham inscription. I loved the idea of this and the simplicity of the design.  Irish Ogham Wedding rings Again this pair of rings had a lovely inscription hidden inside the bands. You can see from the photo above they were engraved with the words 'Grá Buan' which is the Irish for 'Love Forever'. We swoon!!!

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