Irish Christmas Traditions in the Claddagh Design Workshop!

Irish Christmas Traditions in the Claddagh Design Workshop!

I've written in the past about some Irish Christmas traditions and their origins. So last week I decided to bring some of these traditions into the workshop. There has been a lovely Christmassy feeling in the workshop for a few weeks because I've been working on lots of exciting jewelry orders. The addition of my decorations has really completed the Christmas theme!

Celtic triskel Jewelry

Probably the best known Irish tradition is the lighting of a candle on the window. I had to improvise slightly with this one as I didn't think a candle would very safe. Instead I decorated my bench with fairy lights! The tradition of the light on the window is welcome people who have travelled home for Christmas and also to act as a guiding light to people on a journey. I'm not sure who is going to see the fairy lights on my bench and they are not the best light source for making jewelry but the place definitely feels Christmassy! If you want to read about other Irish Christmas traditions take a look at the piece I wrote about The Wren If you know of any other traditions that I can incorporate into my workshop decorations be sure to let me know.

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