How to wear a Tie Pin

How to wear a Tie Pin

The classic Tie Pin has finally been recognized as one of the most practical, yet stylish pieces of jewelry worn to accessorize work and formal wear for men!

With increased awareness of the value of attention to detail in menswear fashion, we've seen unprecedented growth in demand for our men's handcrafted jewelry pieces.

One question our customers often ask is how do you wear a tie pin? This is a really good question!

While tie slides are obviously quite straightforward accessories to wear. Tie pins must be attached and positioned more precisely.

When worn correctly, it will add a stylish finish to your formal wear. More importantly, it serves its practical purpose. That is, to prevent your tie from ending up over your shoulder on windy days or worst still, sitting in your dinner plate at that formal event!

Here we share 5 easy steps along with images on how to wear your tie pin like a pro

What is the correct position for a Tie Pin?

Firstly remove the tie pin back by pulling the tapered end to release the pin

How to Wear Tie Pin

Ensure you position the tie pin in the very center of the tie and at mid section or slightly higher on your chest

How to Wear Tie Pin 2

Locate one of the buttons holes on your shirt, again around the mid section or slightly higher on your chest

How to Wear Tie Pin 3

Once you're happy with the positioning, secure the back of the tie pin by pulling the tapered end to grip the pin

Next, what to do with the chain & bar of the tie pin?

The chain and bar holds your tie in place. As you will see in the below image, the bar is slipped through the nearest shirt button hole to keep it secure.

Remember, this should be at mid-section or slightly higher depending on your preference. The chain and bar will then prevent the tie from moving more that the chain length away! If you find your tie is still not staying in place, then it is too high! You should remove the pin and re-position it lower on your tie.

To create your unique Handcrafted Tie Pin in Sterling Silver or Gold, Feel free to get in touch with our silversmith to discuss your idea for a custom tie pin design or other custom jewelry idea. How to Wear Tie Pin 4

So there you have it! A fashionable and functional men's accessory that every stylish man should own!

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