How I Made our New Claddagh Bracelet

Silver Claddagh Jewellery

Here's our new Claddagh bracelet. The bracelet is based on our unique Claddagh design with a specially designed t bar clasp. I really liked the idea of making the clasp the feature of the bracelet and allowing the Claddagh to be both decorative and functional. So I came up with the design of this handmade curved t bar which goes through the centre of the Claddagh circle to close the bracelet.

Silver Claddagh Jewelry

As I mentioned in a previous blog post when I was designing my Silver Ogham bracelet I always wear the new pieces to make sure they are comfortable and the design of the piece works.

Handmaking the Silver Claddagh bracelet

Here I create the symbol of the heart for love by cutting directly into sterling silver for this Claddagh Bracelet!

handmade silver claddagh bracelet

As with all of my designs, it finally gets placed in my gorgeous signature Claddagh Design wooden boxes and wrapped in black tissue paper ready to be sent to it's new owner. Each piece contains a card signed by me. So the recipient will know exactly who handcrafted their Claddagh Design Bracelet :) See the finished piece here on my online shop - Sterling Silver Claddagh Bracelet

Silver Irish Claddagh Bracelet
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