How to Commission your own Unique Piece of Jewelry

How to Commission your own Unique Piece of Jewelry

Family Crest Cufflinks

As you will know from our website we offer a custom jewelry service, this gives you the opportunity to have your own unique piece of jewelry made and gives me the chance to translate your great ideas into precious metals.

So I thought rather than explaining the pieces I have made I could simply show you a selections of pieces I have created based on our customers ideas. As our most popular pieces are personalized men's cufflinks I decided to begin with these.

All of our pieces start as inquiries that come through to me from our custom jewelry page of our website. We have a simple query form that you can fill in with as little or as much information as you would like. I design and handcrafted everything from silver pendants to 18ct gold Celtic wedding rings.

One of my favourite bespoke pieces of men's jewelry I have designed and created in recent years are these contemporary Claddagh cufflinks. The are made in sterling silver or gold. Here is an example of a pair of claddagh cufflinks I made using both.

Claddagh Cufflinks

The cufflinks here are a perfect example of how the process works, this customer contacted me about getting a pair of personalised silver cufflinks. We discussed over email the different design and price options available. I was able to offer suggestions on various shapes the cufflinks could be and how this design would work best. This customer wanted to use nautical signal flags to spell out the initials which was of personal significance to them.

Nautical Flag Cufflinks

I loved this idea, not only were the nautical flags important to the person that would wear them but they were also a really unique design for a custom piece. Based on this brief, I went about sketching some ideas so both the customer and I had a clear idea of how the finished product. Once we finalized, the design I began cutting, filing, soldering, and polishing to create the finished product.

Silver Family Crest Cufflinks

I've also been creating family crest cufflinks since I opened my independent jewelry design workshop. Here is an example of the family crest jewelry I create. I refine the design to basic elements of the crest and highlight areas for a more contemporary style of men's jewelry.

And my final custom jewerly highlight is this Ballybunion castle tie pin. I've made one of these in the past but since this castle is only a few miles from where I grew up it's always nice to be able to etch it into silver.

Silver Tie Pin etched with Ballybunion castle design

That's just a few of the many lovely custom jewelry pieces we have made this month. If you want to enquire about getting your own ideas translated into silver or gold, feel free to fill out the custom jewelry form.

Sometimes we are presented with a real challenge like this piece we made for a customer who wanted a brooch similar in design to the <a href="/blogs/jewelry/diamond-emerald-tara-brooch">Tara Brooch inset with Diamonds and Emeralds</a>. Bring it on!!

Custom made Irish brooch with diamonds and Emeralds
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