Gold Claddagh Jewelry

In the past month we've gotten lots of orders for our most popular Claddagh pieces to be made in gold. As we have a well equipped workshop we can work in any precious metal so were only too happy to take on these custom orders.

gold silver claddagh bracelet

The first is a gold and silver Claddagh bracelet The customer wears both gold and silver jewellery so wanted something that would sit well with both. We came up with the idea of keeping the chain link section of the bracelet silver to tie in with her silver watch, but then to make the Claddagh detail and t-bar in 9ct yellow gold to match her rings. I love the contrast of the gold and silver together and it really highlights the Claddagh detail of the bracelet.

Gold Claddagh Ring

The second gold Claddagh piece was our ladies Contemporary Claddagh ring The customer loved the ring but wanted it in 14ct to match her other jewellery. We used the exact same pattern and dimensions but we just used 14ct gold sheet instead of silver. The end result was gorgeous. The lovely rich colour of the gold worked really well with the simple elegant lines of the Claddagh.

Gold Cross Chain

The third gold piece we made this month was not from our collection but was also a custom order. With many children making their First Communion and Confirmation recently we've been getting orders for appropriate gifts. This customer just wanted a very simple gold cross on a chain. We worked with the customer on the size and dimensions and came up with this design which is petite yet solid.

Rather than having a large cross made out of thin gold the customer wanted something small that would be thicker than the standard cross. We finished this with a very simple chain. There you have just a few examples of gold jewelry available from Claddagh Design. So just because it's not on our shop doesn't mean you can't order it. If you have an enquiry about custom jewelry just pop your message on the Custom Jewelry Form and we'll get back to you.

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