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You might have noticed I've neglected the blog this week! I mentioned last week I'm exhibiting at Showcase and have been busy in the workshop getting new designs ready for the show. As it's getting closer I'm getting really excited about exhibiting all the new work and catching up with friends. I've decided to get some photographs of my sketches framed so I can exhibit them along with the work. I want to give people an idea where I draw my inspiration from for my jewelry. I've photographed the jewelry next to the original sketches. And in the case of the ogham pieces the words which inspire them, like this one of the A Stór cufflinks, 'a stór' being the Irish word for my love or my darling.

Irish Love Cufflinks

I'm also framing some photos of me at the bench working on jewelry. Much and all as I hate my photo being taken (or displayed!) I want visitors to know that I make all the work myself and so, will be able to answer any questions they might have about the work.

Eileen Moylan Irish Silversmith Working on Jewelry

So there you have a sneak peek into my Showcase Ireland stand, I'll post lots of photos once I get to Dublin and have it all set up! I've started packing up everything I need, here's just some of what I'm bringing to Dublin this evening.

Showcase Ireland Exhibit Prep
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