Diamond & Emerald Tara Brooch

tar-brooch (2)

We were contacted by a customer to make a unique brooch based on The Tara Brooch.

The brief was lovely. All we needed to do was include some specific engraved designs along with Diamonds, Emeralds and an Orange Garnet.

So we got to work!

Because of the mayhem of the Christmas rush we could not document the full story of making the brooch but we got the highlights :)

Firstly, we started by cutting out the basic shape. We needed two different silver sections that would sit perfectly together, one on top of the other to create those panels in the brooch.

Tara-Brooch (1)

Then these had to be soldered together.

First the main body of the brooch and then the pin.

Tara-Brooch (2) Tara-Brooch (3)

The pin had to be joined to both the front and the back.

This was just the decorative pin, the pin that would fasten the brooch would be hidden and more secure!

Tara-Brooch (4) Tara-Brooch (5)

I mentioned that the brooch was to be stone set with diamonds, emeralds and a garnet.

So the next step was to make and add all these settings...

Tara-Brooch (6) Tara-Brooch (7) tara-brooch (1)

Next came the fun job of picking out gorgeous diamonds and emeralds to set.

You know you're getting near the end when the sparkle appears :)

tara-brooch (2)

One of the last jobs before polishing was adding the pin.

While we had soldered the joint and catch to the back the pin was not put in place until the end.

tara-brooch (5)

And finally the finished brooch, all polished up and looking amazing...even if we do say so ourselves :)

tar-brooch (1)

The engraving had special significance. Each panel represented something to the customer.

On one panel we engraved a wave motif to signify the sea.

On the second we engraved a harp and trinity knots to signify their connection with Ireland and on the head of the pin we engraved a Celtic 'G

20151221_104713 20151221_104753

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Would you like to wear a piece similar to the Tara Brooch or have you seem the real thing?

We would love to hear your thoughts!

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