New Designs: Diamond Claddagh Rings & Celtic Engagement Rings

Diamond claddagh engagement rings

New Designs: Diamond Claddagh Rings & Celtic Engagement Rings

We are excited to reveal a line of new contemporary Irish engagement rings just added to our collection. Designed and handcrafted by expert jeweler and goldsmith Eileen Moylan, they browse exquisite diamond Claddagh rings to unique Celtic engagement rings through our online store.


Inspired by ancient Irish art and Claddagh symbolism, five stunning Irish and Celtic diamond engagement rings. These sculptural designs with a clean contemporary edge breathe new life into historic designs. From contemporary Claddagh symbols to Celtic knotwork, the one-of-a-kind diamond rings offer the most beautiful alternative to a traditional engagement ring. Designed for the elegant modern woman.

“It has always been a dream of mine to create a contemporary Irish engagement ring collection.

Influenced by Ireland’s rich heritage and history of skilled metalwork, the finished pieces offer a combination of modern design principles with traditional craftsmanship.

Each engagement ring tells a story. The ideas for these rings are a culmination of some of the most beautiful precious pieces I’ve been asked to create over the past two decades.”

Read on the find out more or skip ahead to explore the full collection here - Celtic & Irish Diamond Engagement Rings

Handcrafted Sustainable Irish Jewelry

Made in high-quality recycled precious metals, every ring is set with ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds. Each ring is handcrafted in Eileen's workshop in County Cork. Once complete, the ring is sent to the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle. There it is independently tested and hallmarked with the official stamp of approval. Exclusively available to order through our online Irish jewelry collection.

Diamond Engagement Ring Claddagh Setting

Classic beauty with the brilliant round solitaire raised to capture light and reflection. An elegant slim band joins to offer a Claddagh beneath the diamond. The hands symbolize friendship presenting a crowned heart for love and loyalty. Four prongs made in solid white gold secure the precious stone. Create the perfect moment with hidden symbols to express your commitment to eternal love, friendship, and loyalty.

Diamond Engagement Ring with Claddagh Setting
1ct Diamond Engagement Ring with Claddagh setting
solitaire diamond engagement ring claddagh setting
Diamond Claddagh setting

White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring

An original design featuring three of Ireland's most famous symbols. Re-imagining the Irish Claddagh ring reimagined with a splendid diamond heart to revive an age-old symbol of love. Softly curved hands symbolize undying friendship. The crown represents a lifelong commitment to loyalty. Feminine and elegant, the neatly woven white gold band features an extraordinary Celtic twist.

Diamond Claddagh Ring white gold
.5ct Diamond Claddagh Ring White Gold

Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring

This contemporary Claddagh ring is also available in yellow gold with a choice of .3ct, .5ct, .7ct, and 1ct diamond heart

Diamond Claddagh ring gold
.5ct Diamond Claddagh ring

Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring

Slim Celtic knots delicately interlace and rise into an intersecting four-prong setting. A symbol of eternity with this Celtic engagement ring design. The knotwork weaves to represent infinity with no beginning and no end.

diamond celtic engagement ring
1ct Diamond Celtic Engagement ring White Gold

Browse the full collection & take a closer look here - Celtic Irish Diamond Engagement Rings

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