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Handmade Irish Jewellery

Thanks to everyone who entered our custom jewelry competition, your ideas were really amazing and the stories behind each design made choosing a winner almost impossible. The quality of the designs and artwork submitted just proved what we've always thought, our Claddagh Design followers are a talented bunch! Many of the design entries were inspired by your personal experiences, thank you for sharing with us. I'm delighted to say after a very democratic voting procedure, the Claddagh Design workshop has picked a winner.

The winning design was one that embodied what Claddagh Design is all about, Irish inspired with an emphasis on simple classic design. And the winner is Maresa Gieles. Maresa's design was for a silver swan pendant with hand engraved decoration. The details of the winning design were quite long so I've edited down the description.


Hi there, I love the story of the Children of Lír and swans in the Celtic tradition. I think a swan would be a good idea to >base a piece of jewelry on, especially since you seem to like the idea of merging traditional, vintage and modern. Also, as swans are perfectly white and always very clean, so is the shine of your silver. I have drawn a sketch of a piece that came to my mind...The piece I have in mind would go along with your other pieces, it wouldbe polished and rounded (as a swans body is naturally) and with not toomuch detail. Celtic engraving could be added, but not too much, as tokeep the surface relatively calm (a swan has a sleek feather coat). Mhm,its very difficult to describe something so visual! sunny regards from Germany,Maresa
Silver Swan Pendant

I'll be contacting Maresa to work with her on the finer details of the design. As promised I will be contacting everyone who entered and sending them a discount code for 10% off ALL the products in our shop. This is our way of saying thank you for all the hard work you put in to your design entries and for the lovely messages you sent. After the amazing response to this competition we're already planning our next so if you have any ideas on a novel competition please let us know.

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