Custom Jewelry: Some Recent Commissions

Silver Anniversary Ring Pendant

Last week I wrote about the great custom jewelry orders we received before Christmas. Some of these were based on pieces in our jewelry collection while others were completely unique designs. As promised I've gathered together a selection of these designs.

Silver Whale Tail Pendant

I loved working on this silver whale pendant. After sketching and cutting out the shape I played around with the curve on the tail by gently hammering the piece with a curved wooden mallet using a sandbag so I could get these lovely soft curves.

irish Silver Claddagh Bangle Irish Contemporary Claddagh Bangle

This silver and gold bangle was made in two parts. The first was the silver band which I cut out by hand and shaped into this oval shape on a bangle stake before cutting out the gold Claddagh motif and soldering it in to the bangle. I incorporated the two claddagh designs so regardless of which way the bangle is facing you will be able to see the claddagh.

Silver Swallow disc Pendant

I loved the simplicity of this swallow pendant. I cut out the silver disc and then hand engraved the swallow design. I then oxidised the engraving to get that really crisp black line.

Silver Hand engraved Ogham Ring

This Ogham ring is engraved with both the couples names so the band has a full Ogham inscription all the way around the ring. I've received more Valentine's jewelry orders this week and am working on these designs at the moment. If you have an idea for a piece of jewelry you would like to give to your Valentine just drop me a quick message on our Custom jewelry form and I'll get back to you with a quote.

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