Our Brand New Claddagh Ring - A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Design

Contemporary Design Claddagh Ring

I received a great response to the new modern Claddagh ring I spoke about in last weeks proposal blog. These designs have been in the pipeline for quite a while. In the past, I had been asked to create different versions of Claddagh rings by custom order. Now with the final design agreed, It is now ready to launch to the collection.

You can see the full new modern Claddagh Ring collection here on my online store. All of these handcrafted Claddagh rings are available in sterling silver, yellow and white for both ladies and gents. I can also complete in any finish on request. The Claddagh Ring is synonymous with Irish jewelry. It has been worn by Irish people throughout the world for centuries. More precisely, since the 17th century.

I wanted to design a version of the Claddagh that retained the wonderful symbolism of the original ring but offered the wearer a more contemporary and edgy take on this historic ring. I have always adored what the Claddagh represents. I love how these three beautiful symbols have come to signify the Irish spirit. My aim when I began was to create a piece that I would be proud to wear. The final design honors the traditional while retaining the essence of the original. For those that don't know, the heart of the Claddagh ring represents love. The hands symbolize for friendship. The crown stands for loyalty. Visit our online store to purchase our handcrafted classic & contemporary Ladies Claddagh RingMen's Claddagh Rings

Contemporary Mens Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring
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