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Recently we got the chance to take a break from the Christmas rush in the Claddagh Design workshop and hit the road for Dublin. We were finalists for a Web Award 'Most Beautiful Website in Ireland'! It was lovely just to be nominated but when we saw our website go from quarter finalists, to semi finalists and then down to the final eight we knew we deserved a night out!

Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (3)

The Web Awards organised by Damien Mulley aren't like other awards ceremonies where you sit through lots of long speeches just waiting for your category to come up. The night flies by with lots of entertainment, Rick O' Shea who presented the show was brilliant. During the break you could have your caricature done by Allan Cavanagh or could test your strength at fairground games. You'll be glad to hear the Claddagh Design team didn't disappoint, being well used to hammers we did the company proud :)

Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (23)

With all the fun we were having we nearly forgot that our category was coming up! Unfortunately we didn't win but when we saw the other seven finalists we were delighted our website was in such good company. And thankfully we weren't nominated for 'Ugliest Website in Ireland' :)

Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (10) Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (8)

As you can see we were very gracious in defeat :) And who knows, if we're lucky we might be back again next year to compete for the title.

Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (24) Web-Awareds-Claddagh-Design (17)
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