Claddagh Design Prices are going up... Here's why.

Silversmiths bench

We've been busy little silversmiths in the Claddagh Design workshop, making lots of jewellery. As you will know we make all our jewellery by hand so we can guarantee every single piece that leaves the workshop has been designed, made and hallmarked in Ireland. It's our way of keeping traditional skills alive. Being able to design and make our own jewellery means we can draw inspiration from some of the truly amazing Irish artwork.


We've worked really hard to make this a thriving business and I'm delighted to say we are sending lots and lots of handmade jewellery around the world. Since we started Claddagh Design our aim was to maintain the integrity of our handmade designs. As our business has grown we've brought more silversmiths in to help us meet the demand. We've never wanted to hand over all this lovely cutting, filing and hammering to the machines. We've worked really hard to keep our prices as low as possible in an effort to compete with the machine made jewellery out there.

After four years in business we've learnt it just isn't possible to put the love, care and attention in to our jewellery and try and compete with machine made pieces on price. So we've had to review our prices... and raise them.

We're not going to do this until 7th November. So for any of you reading this now feel free to avail of the old prices. While we hate having to do this we feel it is necessary to keep everyone involved in Claddagh Design busy and happy! I hope you all understand. Don't worry we'll never hand over our designs to those pesky machines and we will keep cutting and hammering away. We always welcome your opinions, so please let us know what you think of this move on Twitter, Facebook or via our Contact form. Here's to a long and happy future of silversmithing!

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