Claddagh Design on Today FM!


It has been a busy day for Claddagh Design! I had lots of orders to get out before hopping on a train to Dublin. This is one of those lovely occasions where I get to down tools and hit the road to tell the world (ok just Ireland for the moment) about Claddagh Design.

Claddagh-Design-Workshop (3)

I was asked to come on the Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM (one of our favourites!) to talk about our workshop. As you will know from previous posts I am only too happy to rabbit on about Claddagh Design HQ. They are featuring people who spend a lot of time in sheds and since our workshop is a very swanky purpose built jewellery shed we were something different from the typical shed dwellers! So if you get a chance to tune in Wednesday morning please do. It's my first time on live radio so wish me luck ;)

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