Claddagh Design in The Dunloe

Last week I took a trip down to Kerry to The Dunloe to meet a lovely group who were part of an Ireland Reunions trip that had travelled from the States. The couple organising the trip Mike and Victoria of Ireland Reunions asked me to come down to The Dunloe where the group were staying to put on an exhibition of our work.

Gap of Dunloe

The group had been staying in The Dunloe for a week and had been getting to see all the sites of Kerry during their stay. On the day I met them they had just returned from a trip to The Gap of Dunloe where they travelled up the Gap by horse and trap and then got a boat across the lake on their return journey. Luckily the weather was nice and they got to enjoy the amazing views from the lake. When they got back to The Dunloe there was afternoon tea and a whiskey tasting prepared for them, sounds like the perfect holiday!

lsilver ogham sonas bracelet

As part of their stay I was invited down to The Dunloe to show our Claddagh Design collection and give them some information on Celtic and Early Irish art and metalwork. The group particular liked the history of Ogham and the Celtic Torc. It was such a lovely afternoon being able to chat to the group and because the weather was so good I also got to enjoy the amazing views that makes this part of the country famous. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon out of the Claddagh Design workshop :)

claddagh design kerry

Mike and Victoria who organised the trip.

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