Claddagh Custom Jewelry Designs

It been a busy few weeks in the Claddagh Design workshop so I'm only getting a chance to share some lovely commission pieces we've been working on this month. As you may know we offer a custom jewellery service, where you send us your ideas and we translate them into silver and gold.

Silver Gold Irish Claddagh

These two commissions were from people who contacted us through our custom jewellery page to have their designs brought to life. Both of these customers took their inspiration from our award winning claddagh design and wanted to incorporate it in to their own unique piece.

Gold Silver irish Claddagh Jewellery

The first a silver and gold bangle which has the Claddagh in gold on the front and on the other side we put in the customer's wedding coin. The bangle was an anniversary gift so it is fitting that the coin be included. To further personalize the bangle we engraved the couples name in Ogham around the bangle. I love using Ogham in designs like this because it makes the piece unique to the individual.

silver claddagh tie slide

Another custom piece we worked on this month was this silver claddagh tie slide. This customer contacted me as she was looking for a gift for her son for his wedding. She liked the idea of a tie slide but really wanted to feature the claddagh in the design. The idea of the claddagh sits really well as a wedding gift as it is said to embody all the elements for a perfect relationship. The hands for friendship, the crown for loyalty and of course the heart for love.

Silver Claddagh tie bar

We worked with the customer on this design making the claddagh the feature of the tie slide. So there you have just two examples of the lovely pieces that can be produced when you share your ideas with us. If you have any questions about how the processes works or are interested in having your own piece of jewellery made, just contact us through our custom jewellery form.

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