Celtic Love Knot Necklaces: Timeless Symbols of Enduring Love

Inspired by ancient culture, our Celtic Love Knot Necklaces feature intricate knotwork re-imagined in contemporary designs. These unique creations are made to represent eternal love, connection and heritage.

Drawing inspiration from artistry of the past, we use time honored metalworking techniques to create a collection of Celtic Love knot jewelry pieces in solid silver and gold.

Firstly, some background on the Celtic Love knot.

Celtic knotwork is a distinctive artistic style, characterized by intricate interlaced patterns originating from Celtic civilization. The earliest examples of Celtic knots date back to the 8th century BC. Found across various regions of Europe, including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of continental Europe, Celtic knots represents a complex and beautiful form of artistic expression. They often incorporate elements of nature, such as animals, plants, and geometric shapes. These range from abstract representations to detailed forms. Celtic knotwork was used down through the ages to adorn monuments such as at Newgrange World Heritage Site. They were often added as decorative features in ancient manuscripts for example the famous Book of Kells. They can also be found on the beautiful jewelry pieces such as the breathtaking Tara Brooch. 

Today, Celtic knots continue to inspire contemporary irish artists and makers, serving as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and creativity of the craftspeople of the past. 

The Celtic Love Knot is a modern interpretation on Celtic designs. The contemporary Celtic love knot usually incorporates the universal symbol of love (one or more hearts) with the distinctive Celtic style of artwork. 

Our Celtic Love Knot Necklace Collection celebrates these Irish design and our rich heritage in craftsmanship.


Contemporary Interpretations: Celtic Love Knots

 Celtic Love Knot Necklace for infinity

Crafted in sterling silver, this elegant pendant showcases a stunning Celtic love knot design. The intricate interlacing pattern forms never-ending lines. Two Celtic hearts intertwined with the symbol of infinity to represent everlasting love. This timeless piece is perfect for expressing a devotion to your loved one.

Celtic Motherhood Knot Necklace for Love 

This Celtic love knot offers a truly beautiful twist for a devoted mother, grandmother or daughter.

This design features two Celtic inspired interlocking hearts forming an abstract symbol of mother and child. Making it the perfect gift to signify an extraordinary connection and bond.

Celtic Knot Pendant Necklace for Eternity

Simple yet elegant, this dainty pendant is made in a solid weight of gold. The Celtic knot carries a continuous line that intertwines and weaves. This rich symbolism of eternity and interconnectedness makes it the perfect way to represent love.

With no beginning and no end, this intricate Celtic knot design stands for an infinite bond.

Gold Celtic Knot for Love


Our Celtic Collection offers a modern take on traditional artwork, specifically created to celebrate a special connections and eternal love between partners, family and friends. Whether you choose a pendant, necklace or bracelet, these treasured gifts are made to be offered as a gift of love, to be enjoyed today and passed on to future generations. 

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