Can Men Wear Claddagh Rings?

Can Men Wear Claddagh Rings?

While many women around the world are known to wear the famous Claddagh ring, the question is often asked: Can men wear Claddagh rings? Goldsmith Eileen Moylan has been designing and crafting both traditional and contemporary Claddagh rings for almost 20 years. She says Men can and absolutely do wear Claddagh rings. She goes on to say,

"The Claddagh ring has been worn by men for centuries".

In fact, one of the oldest Claddagh rings to have survived is believed to have been a man's ring. Crafted by Galway Goldsmith Richard Joyce, this 300 year old design is said to have been inspired by the fede ring. It may come as a surprise to hear that many famous Irish figures are known to wear this unique Irish symbol. This elite list includes J.F Kennedy, Walt Disney, Bono, Colin Farrell, Dermot O'Leary, Daniel Day Lewis, Gabriel Byrne, Jim Morrison and Liam Gallagher to name but a few. The human sentiments expressed through Claddagh symbols; love, loyalty & friendship span across geographies, cultures and genders. Claddagh Rings can be worn with pride by women and men.

Symbolism of the Irish Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring is far more than just a ring of Irish heritage. The design holds specific symbolic meanings. The tradition of wearing a Claddagh ring offers an extraordinary human story. It carries three special sentiments that embody the Irish spirit. However, it's meaning also resonates with a wider international community.

  • The heart stands for love
  • Hands represent friendship and unity
  • The crown signifies loyalty

They are worn by both men and women as symbols of heritage, offered as tokens of love or family heirlooms.

 Mens Contemporary Claddagh Ring

Men's Silver Claddagh Ring

Paying Respect to Heritage: The Claddagh Ring for Men & Women

In our increasingly globalized world, it is difficult to comprehend the hardships endured by Irish emigrant in their quest for a brighter future. They left behind family members, friends and communities, often in the knowledge that they would never see them again. They were separated from their culture and the land that they loved. Today, we see this affinity to the island of Ireland passed on to descendants. People of Irish lineage continue to celebrate Irish culture in various ways, through language to literature, traditions to music and dance. The wearing of the Irish Claddagh ring is one such tradition that lives on especially in the Irish American community. According to Ireland's Ambassador in Washington Daniel Mulhane in his article St Patrick's Day in America, there are 33 million Americans of Irish descent. The design is worn as an expression of a special connection to Ireland that is built into our DNA. They are cherished within families by both men and women as they are handed down through generations of families.

Contemporary Claddagh Ring for men

Today, Irish inspired clothing, jewelry and other accessories are worn with pride around the world in reverence to these familial links. Among the most popular of these traditions is the Claddagh ring. With it's history dating back to the 1700s, wearing a Claddagh ring offers one of the most meaningful and lasting ways to honor heritage every day.

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