Anam Cara Jewelry Design Collection

Anam Cara, the spiritual Celtic Concept of Soulmates. Anam, Irish for Soul. Cara, Irish for Friend. In recent years, our Anam Cara jewelry have become our bestselling pieces.

Here we've gathered 6 of our most popular women's and men's anam cara pendants and bracelets to share with you.

Inspired by the magnificent ancient Ogham standing stones scattered around the Irish landscape, jewelry designer and silversmith Eileen Moylan translates the beautiful concept of anam cara into unique Ogham jewelry. Skillfully handcrafted, each piece is made in solid silver and gold in her workshop in County Cork.

Ogham is the earliest known form of the written Irish language. This ancient script was used from around the 4th to 7th century AD. It was mainly used to inscribe names onto medieval standing stones. These were believed to have been carved with names as boundary markers.

Using the Ogham alphabet, Eileen engraved her pieces with Anam Cara in this mysterious ancient language. Hidden in this medieval alphabet, her designs offer you the opportunity to wear your secret inscription, only you will understand.

1. anam cara for her

Anam Cara Ogham Pendant
Anam Cara Pendant, handmade in sterling silver for her

Original Design: Eileen's first anam cara creation. It remains one of her most popular ladies anam cara pieces.

This dainty little disc elegantly balances on a beautiful chain.

Made in a subtle dappled effect.

Complete with an oxidized anam cara.

The ancient phrase is written in medieval Ogham writing.

Crafted in sterling silver and solid gold bother of these stunning designs are available to order through her online collection. Click on your preferred style to find out more.

Gold Anam Cara Pendant
Anam Cara Pendant, handmade in gold for her

2. anam cara for him

Ogham Anam Cara Pendant Necklace
Men's Silver Anam Cara Pendant

Anam Cara pendant for Men: Featuring an oxidized ogham inscription of anam cara.

This flat pendant makes it ideal for the modern man that doesn't wear a lot of jewelry.

This piece is completed by hand in a dappled hammered finish. Available in sterling silver and solid gold through the Claddagh Design online shop.

Mens gold anam-cara pendant
Men's Gold Anam Cara Pendant

3. anam cara bracelets

Anam Cara Bracelet
Curved Ogham Anam Cara Bracelet

Anam Cara Bracelet: A sophisticated style of design for the modern woman. The perfect piece for everyday wear. This special concept is hidden with a secret inscription. Inscribed with Anam Cara, this minimalist bracelet can also be customized to be worn as a men's bracelet chain by request. Available in sterling silver through our online collection.

Anam Cara bracelet in gold
Anam Cara Bracelet Gold

4. anam cara with connemara marble

Anam Cara Pendant Connemara Marble
Script Anam Cara Pendant

Hand engraved script anam cara pendant for women.

This special term is transferred onto solid silver.

Inscribed in a graceful modern font.

Accented with an authentic Connemara Marble charm.

Available in sterling silver. This Script Anam Cara can also be in gold by custom order. Contact us to find out more.

Anam cara pendant gold
Ard Ogham Anam Cara Pendant in Gold

Ard Ogham Anam Cara Pendants in Silver and Gold:

Ard meaning high in reference to the Ogham standing stones the designs were inspired by.

Anam cara is written in ancient Ogham letters read from bottom to top.

The natural layering of the rich green Connemara Marble contrast perfectly with polished silver.

Available in sterling silver and solid gold.

Anam cara pendant 2
Ard Ogham Anam Cara Pendant in Silver



Or, contact us to discuss creating a bespoke piece. We'd be delighted to explore ideas with you.

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