5 Elegant Diamond Claddagh Rings You Will Adore!

As all of the Claddagh rings we create in our workshop are all made entirely by hand, each and every design is unique. We wanted to share some of the most elegant diamond Claddagh rings to leave our workshop in recent weeks. From secret symbolism to bold and modern interpretations on this centuries old design, you are sure to find a Claddagh design you will adore.


We were privileged to be asked to work on this precious Claddagh ring. This lovely customer came to us with a photo of his fiancé's well worn and much loved ring. The original had been a gift from her father on her communion day. It had been clearly adored but sadly, she was unable to wear it in it's current condition. He asked if we could recreate a new Claddagh ring from the existing piece. He shared a photo of a design she loved and we began work on saving this special piece. By melting what was left of the original, we were able to recreate a brand new Claddagh ring using the same gold.

Remaking a Claddagh Ring
BEFORE: Remaking a Claddagh Ring : Custom Made Rings by Claddagh Design

The result was a dainty gold ring which retains the symbols of love, loyalty and friendship she received from her dad almost 30 years before. The design they chose included a new modern element with a slim white gold diamond eternity band to compliment the finished piece. We were over the moon with how it turned out for her.

Claddagh Eternity Ring 1
AFTER Remake Claddagh ring : Custom Made Rings by Claddagh Design


While exploring different ways to incorporate the three beautiful sentiments of the Claddagh ring, our jewellery designer Eileen happened upon this totally unique idea. She began by creating a simple solitaire diamond ring and reimagining the classic four claw setting. The final design features a precisely engineered setting that carries the three contemporary Claddagh symbols.

Secret Claddagh Diamond Engagement Ring
Hidden Claddagh Setting

Sitting neatly beneath the diamond is a tiny crowned heart with minimalist hands for love, friendship and loyalty.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with secret Claddagh setting


This wonderful bride-to-be contacted us to ask if we could design an eternity band to compliment her gorgeous engagement ring. More specifically, she wanted to create a custom pavé style wedding ring that would reflect her passion for Irish culture. She'd worn a Claddagh ring in the past and she had fallen in love with the sentiments behind this beautiful design. Working together, we came up with the perfect one of a kind piece.

Claddagh Eternity Ring 2
Diamond Claddagh Wedding Band: Custom Made Rings by Claddagh Design

We set 7 brilliant cut round diamonds, evenly spaced to sit between two Claddagh symbols. One on each site of her diamond centre stone. The finished piece was even more beautiful than we could have imagined.

Claddagh Diamonds Eternity Ring
Diamond Claddagh Wedding and Engagement Band : Custom Made Rings by Claddagh Design

Diamond Claddagh Ring with Weave Band

Inspired by the tradition of commitments to love, loyalty and friendship, this contemporary piece breathes new life into the historic 17th century ring. Brand new to our online collection, this exquisite diamond ring features gently curved hands which present a brilliant heart-shaped center stone.

Diamond Claddagh Ring Gold Weave Band
Diamond Claddagh Ring in Gold with Weave Band

A design specifically created and handcrafted for the style conscious, modern woman. Available to order in white gold. GIA Certified | Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Diamond Claddagh Ring Gold Weave
Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring with Weave Band


This final Claddagh ring was a bespoke design commission. She loved the idea of a Claddagh ring and her partner wanted to add his own personal touch to the piece. He asked if we could design a Claddagh ring around three meaningful stones. He chose a diamond heart for eternity and tradition. A little topaz heart as her birthstone. The emerald represent their shared connection to Ireland. This elegant creation was handmade in solid white gold to last a lifetime.

Three Stone Claddagh Ring 1
Three Stone Claddagh ring: Custom Made Rings by Claddagh Design

Contemporary Irish Jewellery, Inspired by the Past: Claddagh Rings, Made to Last

All of our unique creations are designed and handcrafted in our workshop County Cork, Ireland.

Your ring will be made to the highest standards using 100% recycled precious metals.

Your diamond will be ethically sourced and carefully hand chosen

Browse the collection or contact us today to begin designing your perfect Claddagh ring.

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