An Irish Wedding in Gougane Barra Co.Cork

Gougane Barra Cork

With the great weather we've been having here at the moment I've taken every opportunity to get out and see a bit of the country. A few weeks ago we visited Newgrange Co. Meath and last week we went to Kerry and spent an afternoon in the bog. So this week I decided to stay a little closer to home and visit West Cork and Gougane Barra.

gougane-barra (2)

I had this spot in mind because we've been very busy with wedding rings recently and Gougane is known for being an idyllic spot to get married. In fact many of our recent wedding ring couples have chosen it for their wedding venue.

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The name Gougane Barra comes from St. Finbarr who is said to have built a monastery on the island of the lake in the 6th century. There are other ruins on the island but these are thought to date from the 1700's when Gougane Barra was used to celebrate Roman Catholic mass during the Penal Laws. The Penal Laws were a set of laws introduced in the 1600's making it illegal to hold Catholic masses and gatherings. To combat this many masses and religious services were carried out secretly and the remoteness of Gougane Barra provided the perfect setting. The tiny church sits in the middle of the lake and is surrounded by gorgeous woodlands and mountains, making it the perfect setting for a wedding.

Gougane Barra Church

On the journey to Gougane Barra I stopped to take some photos along the road. We really are lucky to have such gorgeous views on our doorstep!

gougane-barra (3) gougane-barra (4) gougane-barra (5) gougane-barra (6) Have a great weekend :)
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