Inspiration and History of the Celtic Cross

Inspiration and History of the Celtic Cross

This week I'm working on a new product for the shop, a silver celtic cross. I've made the cross by first hand cutting the cross shape and then soldering four arch shapes to make up the circle.

making the celtic cross pendant 2
Working on the Silver Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is believed to have originated around the 7th century. Like many ancient symbols there are many variations on its origin. Many credit St. Patrick with the creation of the first Celtic cross. When converting the Irish people to Christianity he combined the symbols of Christianity with the pagans symbols. The cross was therefore created with the pagan symbol of the circle, which was believed to signify the moon goddess. It is said that this was done to highlight the importance of the cross in Christian teaching by combining it with the pagan symbol of life (the circle). This practice of incorporating pagan symbols and festivals into religion when converting the Irish was very common. It was believed that the transition to Christianity would be more accepted if they incorporated already familiar symbols.

Ahenny Cross, Co. Tipperary
Ahenny Cross, Co. Tipperary

Like other Celtic artwork the crosses are heavily decorated with knots, spirals and other Celtic patterns. Many Celtic crosses also have panels depicting biblical scenes. An example of this can be seen in the Ahenny cross in Co. Tipperary where the base of the cross has intricately carved scenes from the bible such as David bringing Goliath to Jerusalem. While most crosses may be seen as a symbol of faith, the Celtic cross is considered more a symbol of ones Celtic roots. If there is a piece of jewelry you would like made just email me at Here's a picture of the finished piece.

Making the celtic cross pendant
Celtic Cross Pendant

You can purchase Celtic Cross Pendants from our online shop.

Silver Celtic Cross from Claddagh Design
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