Celtic Trinity Knot Design in the Trees!

Celtic Trinity Knot Design Grown in Trees

I spotted this amazing design on Broadsheetover the weekend. Someone has decorated the hills of Glencar Co. Sligo with a Trinity knot! This amazing picture was sent to the website with very little details behind who, where and why?! Thankfully the readers began to piece together the mystery behind the what the symbol was and who put it there.

According to the comments left on the website, the person behind this incredible tree design is the owner of the thatched house on the right of the photo. The effect was achieved by planting a section of Japanese Spruce trees among the forest of Norwegian Spruce trees. It sounds like difficult work. Apparently the design was marked out using plastic bags and pegs. They also had someone with a two way radio on the opposite hill giving instructions. Very impressive we must say!

Photo of hillside showing Trinity knot design growing in trees

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